AND SO WE WALKED: An Artist’s Journey
Along the Trail of Tears

Created and Performed by DeLanna Studi (Cherokee Nation)

Produced and Directed by Corey Madden

Set Design: John Coyne

Lighting Design: Norman Coates

Sound and Music: Bruno Louchouarn with John-John Grant and Sarah Elizabeth Burkey(Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)

Costume Design: Andja Budincich

Vocal Coach: Mary Irwin Furey

Dramaturg: Shirley Fishman

Cultural Consultant: Randi Byrd (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)

The script of AND SO WE WALKED: AN ARTIST'S JOURNEY ALONG THE TRAIL OF TEARS was developed in close collaboration with individuals and institutions within the Eastern Band of Cherokee and Cherokee Nation as well as with the support of Native Voices Theatre and the American Indian Center and Process Series at UNC-Chapel Hill. Major support was provided through the Arts and Society Initiative of the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts.